God’s eternal purpose is all contained in the one Person, Jesus Christ, God/Man, Creator and Upholder of the universe. To know Him as our Life is His purpose, that He might live in and through us. He made us so that He could enjoy Himself!

All have access to God’s Eternal Purpose, and all believers are in God’s Eternal Purpose, with God’s desire being that His children fully understand, and are in the experience of His Life.

The apostles describe the believer’s experience of this Life within, including repeated exhortation and encouragement, ‘that you know’!

Jesus is the archetype, the model of why man was created; to be God’s dwelling place, His house. Through Jesus, all believers are birthed into God’s Eternal Purpose, and the practical understanding of how this is realized in Christ Jesus complements the experience of Him as our life.

All God’s children can look to Jesus to see who they are, and what they have in Him, from His perspective.

The result, as seen by Him: