The Foundational Teaching Series

The Foundational Teaching Series is a simple and straightforward explanation of God's Eternal Purpose and an overview of the Christian faith, from this perspective. This explores practical aspects of ‘Life according to God’, and the outworking in everyday life.

The material is not new, however the presentation and emphasis might be unfamiliar, giving opportunity to re-visit and explore these truths. The format seeks to encourage all God’s children to enjoin the same experiential relationship with the God of the universe that the apostles described and enjoyed. The series builds through a progression of thought blocks, leading to what a child of God is to experience in a practical and personal relationship with Him.

This is the life of God in a human being, as revealed in and through Jesus Christ, the realization of God’s Eternal Purpose.

To encourage full interaction and participation with questions and discussion, the series is ideally suited to a small group format. The presentations are accompanied by study workbooks and materials.

Each session is approximately 2 hours in length, however each topic could easily be used as the basis for more lengthy and detailed study.

The following is the list of topics for the Foundational Teaching Series:

  1. Introduction: setting the stage with background and overview.
  2. God in creation: the necessity of the Incarnation.
  3. God’s Eternal Purpose: the basis and reason for everything.
  4. The Fall: what happened to Adam and the result for mankind.
  5. Understanding Israel: the what and why of Israel.
  6. Salvation: what exactly is salvation in the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.
  7. A son: what it is to be a child of God.
  8. Fellowship: understanding the practical side of fellowship with God.

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